Evaluation Form for an EquiTheater routine                   Exhibitor Number_____________

Judging MUST be done outside of the arena                               Solo ?         Duo ?     Trio ?

Scoring 60% Entertainment

EquiTheater is intended to be an entertainment based class          It is not about perfectly performing show horses  


"G" Rated

10 points

Song,  Routine, Costuming must be "G" General Audience Rated Nothing controversial, risque, demeaning, derogatory, or using of bad language is allowed.  No advertising or promotions of a person, place,  or thing.

Performing a Skit

Show & Tell A Story

10 points

 EquiTheater is NOT horses dancing, stepping,  prancing,  or leaping to music.  EquiTheater is not a liberty or trick horse act.  Extra people may be a part of the ground based ensemble cast,  be stage helpers and volunteers to show & tell their story.

Choreography of Skit Synchronized to music

10 points

The action in the skit is synchronized to the music.

EquiTheater is NOT horses dancing, stepping,  prancing,  or leaping to music, it is not a liberty or trick horse act.

Performing to the Audience

10 points

 Use the arena is considered as a stage, and performers should position themselves throughout their routine so they perform to the audience.  

Be Theatrical  ~  EquiTheater is not about "performing horses"

Music matches the story line

10 points

The story line is what the exhibitor wishes to express to the audience. The story line can be serious, dramatic, elegant, or funny, and the music should reflect the theme of the story.

Costuming and Props

10 points

The costuming should give a clear impression of the characters being "played".    Costumes  and props should be safe for both horse and exhibitors.   NOTE:  USE OF THE NATIONAL FLAG IS NOT ALLOWED

Scoring 40%


Total Arena Time  5 minutes

Serious Loss of Points for Overtime

2 gaits going both directions

20 points

Not evaluating the quality or mechanics of the gaits. No riding on the rail, reining or figure 8 type patterns.  Horses may be ridden, driven, In-hand, or any combination thereof.   In-Hand entries must work off both sides of the horse.

Balanced use of space

10 points

The exhibitors should not go in the same direction for 90% of their time, then change direction for the last 10% of their time.  The routine should have a balanced appearance.

5 points

At any time or place in the routine

5 points

At any time or place in the routine


100 points

Judge's comments:


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