• Liberty ~ there is no physical contact between horse and human, not even touch with hand, whip, or other tool. Also, no tack with which they might be controlled. The only things touching the horse should be non-functional and decorative.

The musical kur is a form of dressage, and the basis of the moves that the Lippizaners perform. Riders must meet the technical requirements of each particular level.  There is an eligibility requirement for entering and competing in a freestyle class at a USA Equestrian recognized competition.  For example, the horse and rider combination must earn at least a 58% at First Level Test Four (or higher) in order to compete in the First Level Freestyle.

  • FREESTYLE ~ as it's listed on a horse show entry form, usually means riding (or driving) with a pattern of some kind as a required element.

  • Freestyle Reining ~ doing a (stock horse type) reining pattern in costume to music.

  • Drill Team ~ is a group of four or more, riding a synchronized, rehearsed routine to music, with limited or no individual performance(s).

  • Mounted Color Guard ~ A "mounted" Color Guard consists of a minimum/maximum of four (4) riders carrying four (4) flags. All four riders are expected to carry flags.  Flag protocol is strictly observed in accordance with the U.S. Office of Protocol in Washington D.C.  The American or "National" flag is to be given utmost respect during all phases of this competition and during the Color Guard Performance.

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