FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why  are  EquiTheater  routines limited to only 4 minutes?

A:  To be tactful, if the routine is not very good, at least it won't last long!

Q:   Do all the horses in the routine have to perform all the required moves?

A:  At least one of the horses in the routine must perform some of the required moves. When the routine is over, ultimately the judge should have seen all the required moves,  but not necessarily all done by the same horse.   

Q:  Why is EquiTheater limited to only 3 horses?

A:  The judge must be able to give credit to the horse(s) performing their EquiTheater required moves.   Even when judging a rail class, it is extremely difficult for a judge to keep an eye on EVERY horse's performance.   

In this sport, horses could be performing anywhere,  and at anytime in the arena, possibly even at opposite ends of the arena.   While one is performing the backing requirement, at the other end another horse is doing the 2nd gait requirement.    It's almost like the eye test game of  "Where's Waldo?"  

With more than three horses in the ring, it would be nearly impossible for a judge to give a fair evaluation score.  

Another reason for the three horse limit, is that four (or more) horses fall into the category of drill teams  and dressage quadrille teams.

Q:  Why are liberty acts not allowed?  

A:  We're dealing with animals, and no matter how well trained they are, things can ~and~ occasionally do run amuck.  It is better not to take the chance to hold up a show by a uncatchable horse.  PLUS, it could be a possible safety issue.

Q:  Can other animals be used in the "act" (re: dog)

A:  Since EquiTheater exhibitions are usually held where there are other people and other horses in the area, it is a safety issue, and therefore not allowed.

Q:  WHO wears the number, and WHO is judged ?

A:  If there are three entries, there is still only one number. However, each person is part of the team and will receive the versatility points. This is just like team in the Olympics.